Summer Jobs

Summer job in Crete! Passionate about cycling? Seasonal tour guide or bicycle mechanic job in Rethymnon. Great holiday job or temporary work in Crete!

Bicycle Guide

The cycling center in Rethymnon, Crete hires seasonal staff from April to October to lead cycling tours and perform other tasks within the company.

As a bicycle guide, your responsibilities will include leading Family Cycling tours, MTB tours, and road cycling tours, assisting with transfers, and maintaining bicycles and equipment. Depending on your qualifications, you may also contribute to the development and coordination of the center and represent it in the local area.

While working as a guide, you’ll also have the opportunity to participate in holiday activities and use various sports facilities. However, your role as a tour guide will always take priority in your schedule.

The ideal candidate for this position should possess the following qualifications:

- Technical training in bicycle mechanics is preferred.

- Strong interpersonal skills.

- Valid driver’s license.

- Completed first aid training within the past two years.

- Basic proficiency in English and German.

- Knowledge of Dutch or Norwegian would be a plus.

Please send your CV and a photo to: tourguide(at)

Bicycle Mechanic

Every year, the cycling center in Crete hires seasonal staff to maintain and preserve their high-end range of bicycles, with work starting from mid-March to early November. If there is a large number of new bikes to be assembled, the work may begin earlier and extend to include repairs and renovations.

As a bicycle mechanic, you will be responsible for maintaining and servicing the entire fleet of mountain bikes, road bikes, eMTB, e-bikes, hybrid bicycles, and technical equipment at the center. You may also be involved in further tasks related to the center’s development, based on individual suitability. You will work closely with the center’s management team and bicycle tour guides.

During your free time, you will have the opportunity to participate in holiday activities or use the various sports facilities with your colleagues.

To be considered for the position, you should possess the following competencies:

- A craftsman’s training, with preference given to those with training as a bicycle mechanic.

- Ability to coordinate functions independently.

- Experience leading a workshop.

- Strong teamwork skills.

- A valid driver’s license.

- Basic knowledge of English, German, or Dutch languages.

Please send your CV and a photo to: bicyclemechanic(at)