E-bike rental and e-bike tours

E-bike rental & tours in Crete. Ride a new Shimano or SCOTT e-bike. E-bike rental & delivery at any accommodation in Crete! Hire an e-bike today!

E-bike tours and e-bike hire in Crete. Glide through nature with ease! We deliver well-maintained e-bikes at any hotel, apartment, or villa in Crete.

Similar to a regular bicycle, an e-bike relies on the rider’s pedalling power. However, the powerful electric motor can provide additional support. If you desire the freedom and advantages of cycling but would appreciate some extra assistance when facing uphill terrain, or cycling against a headwind, then an e-bike is an ideal choice for you.

E-bikes without a top tube are modern. They unite generations of people and combine various cycling uses like hardly any other bike model. The new e-bikes without a top tube offer additional comfort when getting on and off the bike and allow you to enjoy e-bike riding despite an injury, limited physical flexibility or old age. Naturally, you can also ride a trekking e-bike because you think it looks cool.

Our e-bikes are equipped with a rechargeable Li-ion battery that can assist the rider in reaching speeds of up to 25 km per hour. The range of our new e-bike models can go up to 120 km, although the actual range may vary depending on the terrain and your riding style.

New for 2024! On request, we can also equip our Trekking or Touring e-bikes with professional Ortlieb panniers (2 × 20 L) or a sturdy Racktime e-bike basket (23 L).

KRETA BIKE has carefully selected two e-bike models that are best suited for cycling conditions in Crete, including island hopping, based on feedback from our guests.

Shimano STePS unisex Trekking e-bike

First of all, we have the Shimano STePS unisex Trekking e-bike. Due to the lower down tube, getting on and off is no problem at all. If you end up cycling on light off-road/dirt roads, then the Shimano STePS unisex e-bike is just what you need. With the sporty frame, the bike will feel at home on any terrain. This trekking e-bike is environmentally friendly and leaves nothing to be desired. This Trekking e-bike is equipped with the all-new and improved Shimano STePS E6100 motor with 60 Nm, a semi-integrated 505 Wh battery and a 1×10 speed Shimano Deore drivetrain.

SCOTT Sub Sport 20 eRIDE Touring e-bike

Secondly, we have the SCOTT Sub Sport 20 eRIDE Touring e-bike. This e-bike is for the experienced bike tourist. Some tours you plan on your computer, but you can’t cope with them in reality. With this high-performance e-bike, no way is too far and no ascent is too steep. This e-bike allows for routes that could previously only be mastered by a car. If your tour transitions from the road to a gravel path, this e-bike is a perfect choice. The SCOTT Sub Sport 20 eRIDE touring e-bike is equipped with a Bosch Performance CX 4th Generation motor with 85 Nm (which you usually can only find on high-end eMTB!), an integrated 625 Wh battery and a 1×10 speed Shimano Deore drivetrain.

To guarantee the availability of our e-bikes, we kindly ask you to make your road bike rental reservation in Crete at least 3 weeks in advance, as our e-bikes are in high demand. We will make every effort to accommodate last-minute reservations during the cycling high season.

Complete the form below and let us know your preferences and requirements, to ensure we provide you with the best service possible. This will help us better understand your needs and tailor our services accordingly.

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Immediate confirmation of e-bike availability by telephone!

In case you have already arrived in Crete and need a super fast answer on the availability of e-bikes and frame sizes, you can call our planning department on Mob/SMS/Whatsapp: 00306944220513 or via Tel: 00302831072383. Our helpful staff speaks English, German, Dutch and Greek.