Terms and Conditions

Completion of contract:

The following conditions apply to all services unless explicitly stated otherwise for a specific service or group of services. Upon making a reservation via email or the internet, we will verify the availability of the requested service. After confirmation, you will receive an invoice which also serves as an offer for the service. The contract between you and KRETA BIKE is considered complete once you submit payment for the invoice or down payment, thereby accepting the reserved offer.


If you wish to cancel the contract, you may do so free of charge within 2 weeks of its completion. A timely email notifying us of your cancellation will suffice. This helps us make the reserved services available to other interested parties on short notice.

Description of performance:

All information and statements presented on our website are considered part of the contractual agreement between you and KRETA BIKE. It is essential to review all information pertaining to your desired service before making a reservation.

In the past, there have been occasional misunderstandings regarding the appropriate “level” classification for our cycling programs. To avoid confusion, we advise not only reading the tour descriptions but also the level classification remarks for family downhill cycling tours, mountain biking, or road cycling. When in doubt, we recommend selecting a lower level. While it is possible to upgrade to a higher level with approval from the center management, downgrading from a higher level is often difficult due to technical considerations.

Our tour programs undergo constant testing and improvement. For safety reasons, changes in road conditions may result in route diversions or the discovery of more appealing routes or rest stops. We will promptly update the descriptions with any changes to the tour programs, and the most recent version will always be available on our website. However, there may still be minor variations in specific routes or program components that differ from the original description at the time of your reservation, which will be communicated as soon as possible.

Confirmation of reservation:

Upon completion of your reservation, you will receive a confirmation via email at the address you provided. This confirmation will include a voucher for the reserved service(s). Please bring the voucher with you to your holiday destination and present it to KRETA BIKE. If a reserved service is fully booked, you will be promptly notified by email. To ensure you receive these notifications, please provide an email address and check it regularly. If you make your reservation from an internet cafe, we recommend setting up a free mailbox such as www.gmail.com and checking it within two to three days after submitting your reservation.

Deposit and bank transfer:

Upon confirming your reservation, you will receive instructions for making a bank transfer. If your desired service start date is more than 31 days away, a deposit of 25% of the total amount (minimum 75 EUR per person) is required. This deposit will be applied towards the remaining balance. Please include all relevant reservation numbers with your transfer to expedite processing. We recommend obtaining a receipt from your bank as proof of transfer. If you present your voucher to KRETA BIKE before the transfer is complete, you may also provide the bank receipt. This will ensure that you receive the reserved service regardless of the status of the transfer.

Terms and deadlines:

Please make your reservation for your desired service(s) at least 4 weeks before the earliest start date. If you need to make a reservation within a shorter period, please contact us by email to make special arrangements for confirmation and payment, as long as the service is still available. If you want to reserve multiple services, please make individual reservations simultaneously using a single email address. This will allow us to group and organize the reservations.

If any of the desired services are fully booked, we will inform you by email, and you can decide to maintain, cancel, modify, or arrange an alternative service. You can cancel or modify reservations without any cost within 2 weeks after you have accepted the reservation confirmation. Please make any changes or cancellations by email. The bank transfer should be made in time so that it arrives in our account at least 4 weeks before the earliest reserved service start date. Late payments may result in us offering the reserved service to other prospective customers. In this case, you will not have a claim to the service, but only a refund of the amount transferred late for not receiving services.

Cancellation fees:

If you decide to cancel your reservation after 2 weeks of confirming the contract, the following cancellation fees will be applied:

- 30 or more days prior to the start of the service = 20% of the total price.
- 29 to 8 days prior to the start of the service = 40% of the total price.
- 7 to 0 days prior to the start of the service = 70% of the total price.

For any reservation that is not cancelled, the full amount will be charged. If you choose to cancel multiple reserved services, the above cancellation fees will apply to each individual service. Your contracting partner will provide you with a detailed list of charges, which we will handle the mailing and completion of.


We will make every effort to make any changes with minimal costs. KRETA BIKE cannot charge you more than the cancellation fees specified earlier. However, changes will be subject to a fixed administration fee of 35,- Euro, unless the change can be made through email or a few local telephone calls. If you are unsure about whether changes are possible and if there are fees associated with them, please do not hesitate to inquire.

Please note:

The fees for any changes to your reservation will be deducted from the balance transferred by your bank. To ensure that the reserved service can still be carried out after changes have been made, you will need to make an additional transfer for the corresponding amount.


KRETA BIKE assures that all services displayed on this website are reliable and available at the time of display. However, KRETA BIKE cannot be held responsible for the provision of a service in situations that are generally considered to be excluded, such as strikes, political unrest, and force majeure. In the event of liability, the amount of compensation will be strictly limited to the price of the service.

Terms of bicycle rental:

KRETA BIKE, its agents, and employees will not be held responsible for any personal injury, property damage, or loss caused by the renter’s negligence. Furthermore, KRETA BIKE will not be held responsible for any injuries, death, damage, or loss beyond its control or due to force majeure. Renters assume all risks associated with following any suggested itinerary and agree not to hold KRETA BIKE liable for any resulting injuries or death. It is strongly recommended that renters wear approved helmets while riding a bicycle, which can be provided free of charge. The bicycles provided are in satisfactory operating condition, and participants agree to use them at their own risk. If there are any technical problems with the bicycle, the renter should inform KRETA BIKE or a company representative at the start of the rental. Individual bike specifications are subject to change based on the availability of replacement components. KRETA BIKE will not provide instruction on the use, assembly, and maintenance of bicycles. Renters confirm their competence and familiarity with the use of a multi-speed bicycle.

It is highly recommended to have some basic bicycle maintenance knowledge if you plan to undertake a self-guided, unassisted bicycle tour.

- Approval from KRETA BIKE management is required for delivery and collection services. Delivery and collection locations must have a staffed reception and a local contact phone number. Renters are responsible for obtaining an agreement from their accommodation management to accept bike delivery and provide safe storage until the renter’s arrival. For renters staying in private residences, bikes can be collected from the nearest KRETA BIKE depot and returned unless alternative arrangements have been agreed upon.

- Bicycles rented from KRETA BIKE must be returned during business hours, which are from 08:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. If the bike is returned outside of these hours, an adjustment to the rental price will be applied.

- The rental fee for the bike must be paid in advance. If a renter chooses to return the bike earlier than originally planned, they will not be entitled to a refund.

- While all our bikes are professionally serviced before being handed over to the customer, they may require tuning or maintenance during a long rental period. KRETA BIKE will cover the cost of damages caused by equipment failures beyond the renter’s control, such as worn parts. Any technical problems must be reported to KRETA BIKE within 24 hours of receiving the equipment. To be eligible for a refund on parts and services, renters must provide a photo or video of the damaged or worn parts and an invoice for new parts or services. KRETA BIKE is responsible for worn bottom brackets and worn wheel hubs. However, KRETA BIKE is not responsible for damages caused during bike rentals such as gear tune-ups, punctures, broken spokes, broken chains, broken derailleurs, broken drop-outs, wheel rim damage, torn saddles, and damages caused by the renter’s use or misuse.

- The customer agrees to return the bicycle and equipment in the same good condition as it was received, with the exception of ordinary wear and tear. If the bicycle or any of its parts are lost, stolen, damaged or broken, the customer is responsible for replacing the equipment or compensating KRETA BIKE financially for the damaged equipment. The customer acknowledges responsibility for any theft or damage to the equipment.

- The customer acknowledges and accepts that subleasing rental bicycles and equipment is strictly prohibited. Any violation of this term will result in immediate termination and cancellation of the contract.

- The customer is responsible for any damage or loss of personal property and any accidents or injuries caused to other individuals related to the rented equipment.

- KRETA BIKE highly recommends that you have a personal or travel insurance policy at all times.

- An optional insurance fee for theft and damage is available, which will reduce payments by 50% in case of theft or damage to the bicycle. Please refer to our Replacement value price list. In the event of theft, a formal police report must be filed and a copy must be provided to activate the insurance. If there is any damage, you must provide us with a photo or video.

Terms of tour participation:

The following terms apply to participate in our tours, as applicable:

- All programs and the use of rented bicycles outside of programs are undertaken at your own risk. Participants and renters are responsible for checking the bikes and equipment prior to the tour to ensure they are satisfactory, and any claims regarding unsatisfactory material must be made before the tour begins.

- Participants and renters are responsible for any damages or losses to individuals or materials caused by their actions. Renters must ensure that bicycles are secured in a way that prevents unauthorized individuals from stealing them (such as locking them to a fixed object). If theft or damage occurs, the full replacement value will be charged. Renters must not allow third parties to use the bicycles.

- KRETA BIKE is only liable for losses and damages resulting from intentional or grossly negligent actions by their staff. Liability claims for any other reason are not accepted. KRETA BIKE is not responsible for personal items brought by the customer, such as bags, glasses, cameras, clothing, etc.

- By reserving a spot in our cycling tours, participants confirm that they are medically fit to partake in the program. It is mandatory for every participant to have a good understanding of the basic rules of traffic regulation and bicycle operation. All participants must abide by the rules of the applicable traffic laws at all times.

- The use of drugs or alcohol before or during the cycling tours is strictly prohibited. If any participant appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, our staff is obligated to prevent their participation in the tour. In such cases, no refunds will be issued.

- Participants must comply with the instructions of the personnel at all times. Failure to do so may result in the personnel withdrawing the bicycle from use during the tour. In such cases, the participant will be transported back to the hotel in the service vehicle, and no refund will be given.

- The tour fee must be paid in advance. Participants who choose to discontinue their participation in a program at their own request are not entitled to a refund.

- KRETA BIKE is not responsible for any damage, delay, or inability to provide services in the event of a strike, political unrest, or force majeure.

- Individuals under 18 years of age must have their legal guardian make the necessary registrations or bookings. If a minor participates in a program without the presence of a parent or guardian, the personnel are not responsible for their care. KRETA BIKE explicitly disclaims any obligation to supervise minors.

By making reservations, participants and renters of bicycles agree to the terms of participation. Additionally, if a legal guardian registers a minor, they are bound by the terms of participation. Any dispute arising from the rental of a bicycle or participation in a tour program will be settled solely by the local courts where KRETA BIKE is based. In case of any ambiguity in the interpretation of the written agreements, the copy of the terms and conditions in the country’s language shall be considered final.


The information presented is subject to change without prior notice, mainly due to safety concerns, improvements in quality, or service developments. We apologize for any errors. All prices displayed are subject to change without prior notification.